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New Trend Alert: Socks with Sandals? Get your news!

This used to be a dreadful look, but it's making a huge statement topping the trend charts in the fashion world these days. I personally saw it everywhere while scoping out street style blogs during Fashion Week and beyond.. Let's just say it's here in a big way whether you like it or not and I think I like it IF and only if it's styled correctly.
I came across this awesome website called, Sock it to Me Socks. They have an amazing selection of unique socks for men and women.. I wasn't able to grab any photos, so you'll have to check it out for yourself. You can even design your own sock! That's kinda rad.

I'm diggin' the way these ladies are working this trend:

Sourced from Stylesightings

Sourced from Stylesightings

A look from Marc Jacobs F/W 10 Ready to Wear collection - Sourced from Style.com

Sourced from FrouFrou

Sourced from CHICMUSE


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