Daisy by Jefferey Campbell- now available at Solestruck.com

hmmm- just in time for those holiday parties?! so cute.

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beautiful, breezy

Sourced: StreetFSN

Still loving the maxi trend and constantly scowering thrift stores for more, more, more!

I think it's a great alternative to pants during the winter. You can bundle up in warm leggings or stockings for extra warmth when it's really cold out. 

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music monday: arcade fire "the suburbs"

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I enjoyed a few days off- now back to the grind.

Oh and remember the Steve Madden booties I posted about below? Yup- I did it. I bought myself an early birthday present during Black Friday... they were on sale. SCORE!

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music monday->tuesday: spoon "the underdog"

Feel good music to get you tapping your feet!

Hope everyone has a great holiday :)

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battle of the bootie

Came across these bad boys while making a pit stop at the mall the other day. I couldn't believe it! An Atacoma doppleganger!

I've been lusting over the ACNE Atacoma wedges forever now, but let's face it-even if I could afford to pay 700 bucks for a pair of shoes, I don't think I would. That's why I say thank god for knock-offs!

My birthday is right around the corner so it's perfect timing to treat myself:)

Steve Madden "Marriano" $169.95


ACNE "Atocoma" $680.00



Introducing the new Glacon holiday collection designed by Jules Kim for her amazing jewelry brand, Bijules.
The five piece collection was designed exclusively for an online truck show with FashionStake.com and consists of two bar finger rings, a single finger ring, earrings and necklace.
My favorite from the collection is the single finger ring. I love the way it was designed to git snug right above your knuckle. See below-

I recently stumbled upon Bijules while browsing the internet and I was blown away by their designs! 

I think what really pulled me in were the nail rings... these pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. I've never seen anything like them before and I think it's a great concept. For a gal on a budget, the prices, for the most part, were not too intimidating which also makes these pieces seem that much more obtainable.  

I highly suggest you hop over to the website to view the entire collection- it really is something to see.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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LF Look Book

Love LF. Great Styling.

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faux fur

Stolen Girlfriends Club - Crismon Wolf Coat
available at Amelie Boutique

Vila - Faux Fur Coat
available at ASOS.com

ASOS - Patchwork Faux Fur Coat
available at ASOS

Faux fur dreamin'...

Which is your favorite?

ps. We have a winner for the giveaway! Thanks to everyone who participated- I'll be contacting the winner today. 

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music monday: sing

Happy Monday!

Last day to enter the giveaway.

Cheers <3



Photographer: Sinsong
Model: Marcelina Sowa
Stylist: Emily Bess

Happy Friday!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win yourself a super cute vintage renewal purse from A Midnight Dreary!

Have a great weekend!

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Hi guys- back from the dead!

I apologize for the lack of posts, I've been out sick with the infamous FLU.

Tis' the season I guess.

Anywho- the giveaway is over at midnight tonight, but since I only have two contenders, I would like to extend it through the weekend.

The new end date will be Monday 11/15/10 at midnight (MTN) time.

I encourage you to take advantage of this extension and sign up! It's simple!


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yes, yes and yes



Hana Soukupova

All Images Sourced: Studded Hearts

I'd like to take anything from any of these photos and put it on my body.


Happy Friday- don't forget to enter the giveaway below!

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Hi guys-

As promised last week, I'm finaaally posting Stylestomper's very first giveaway!

I'm really excited to share this with you!

Okay- so here's the dish...

I'm a sucker for most anything vintage, so when I first discovered Jena Strout's designs through a mutual friend, I jumped on the opportunity to do a giveaway with you guys! Jena runs an etsy shop called, A Midnight Dreary, where she sells one of kind vintage renewal clutch purses. All of the purses are purchased second hand and then Jena puts her personal spin on them by adding new materials such as pendants, chains and even rosaries!

Jena was kind enough to donate one of her purses for the giveaway:

It's a vintage S.I.S.O purse (made in Italy) in soft woven leather- color black. Jena added the chain and belt as a strap. I have the bag now and if I wasn't giving it away, I would love to have it myself! It's super cute you guys and the quality is tip top.

Here's how to enter:

1. Become a follower on Stylestomper.

2. Follow Stylestomper on Twitter, Facebook, OR Bloglovin'. You choose:)

3. Visit A Midnight Dreary and leave a comment below with the name of your favorite purse along with your email address.

**It is very important that you leave a comment with your email so I can contact you if you win**

The giveaway starts NOW and will end next Thursday, Nov. 11 @ midnight pacific time. Monday Nov. 15th at midnight MTN time.  Winner will be selected at random.

Good Luck!

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lanvin 4 h&m video

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Model: Zen Sevastyanova

Photographer: Paul de Luna

Styling: Sarah Palow

Publication: Blank Magazine #55

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music monday - little bit

Happy Monday.

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Sorry for the lack of solo costume pic, but you get the idea. No crazy stories for me... we actually had to cut our night short because my boo radley came down with a crazy cold.

Oh well- there's always next year.

This was a picture of me (far left) and some gal pals hangin' pre-party.

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