died and gone to heaven

Beau Coops Summer 2010/11'

Wedge heaven.

...the pale blue and pink remind me of cupcakes... or cotton candy - good enough to eat!

Sourced: Rag Pony

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Style Studio with La Roux's Elly Jackson

"The London-born singer-songwriter discusses her "bang out of nowhere" rise from a ginger-haired Joni Mitchell to androgynous Brit pop sensation and style icon."

Sourced: Style.com

...and the jam...

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zeroing in on zimmermann

Sourced: Fashionreview.com.au

Meet Ausie designer, Zimmermann

The photos above are from their 2009-10' Cruise Swim Collection.

I highly recommend you check out their entire summer 2010 swim line here.
The photos are fabulous and the swim suits are to die for.  

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sunbathing beauty

Sourced: Fashiongonerogue

Iza Olak for Costume Magazine June 2010
Photographer: Henry Moshizi

Summer is coming, I can feel it.

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this towns been wearing tatters

Amelie Boutique CMRYTZ Shredded Tees- tfs

Super stoked on these new CMRYTZ shredded tees available at Amelie Boutique.

Bonus: each one is hand shredded so no two are alike.

Available in white or black, these would look awesome with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.

Oh- and these FINSK wedge booties:

I've been eyeballing these in the black & pink... also saw them in all black.
I would die.

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whats old is new

Novella Royale SS' 2010



I recently learned about this handbag designer through Accessories Magazine. They were featured as the "Item of the Day" and I can absolutely see why.

The handbags are all beautifully designed and best of all - the leather from each bag is hand cut from vintage jackets!

How wonderful is that?

"Novella Royale was inspired by the concept of designing luxury handbags without creating waste from new materials. The leather from each bag is hand cut from vintage jackets, making each piece a one-of-a-kind in color, distressing and seaming. In addition to using only recycled leather, each bag is lined with organic fabric and hand made in Los Angeles. reduce re-use recycle."

Check out their website to view the entire collection. Each bag is avaiable in a variety of colors. I highly recommend you check them all out for yourself.

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a window into your old soul

Photos By B. Steed

These photos were taken about 3 years ago...

Looking back, there were so many good frames I remember that I've since sold... I think at this point I had about 100+ frames.

Ridiculous, but loved every pair.

I continue to collect vintage eyewear and would love to set up a photo shoot like this again - we had so much fun.

Good friends x Screwdrivers x Vintage Sunnies = Bliss

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"i revealed too much too soon. i was emotionally slutty" - Carrie

Happy Day.

I'm off to see Sex and the City 2 tonight with my besties... can't wait - always a good time.

SJP in Valentino Couture
Sourced: Style.com

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somebody pinch me

So stoked - picked up this vintage Gucci watch over the weekend for a smokin' $1.60.
It's a little banged up, but not too bad....

...and the best part - the battery is still kickin'!

Sweet. Instant gratification - I'm all about it.

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watchin' wasson

- Erin Wasson -

Photos originally published in 2008.
Photographer: Dan Martensen

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she's hiding in her shadow

Everything Vintage - Thrifted

Random outfit post - photos by me.

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man in the mirror

Sourced: Fashiongonerogue

Raquel Zimmermann for Vogue Paris June/July 2010
Photographer: David Sims

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