she wears short shorts

It's very difficult for me to find shorts that fit just right and that's really a shame since there are so many I covet.
My hips are nearly non-exsistent, so I typically perfer to wear high waisted shorts which help accetuate my mid area and create the illusion that I actually have curves. I think they also make me look taller...

On that note- I fully intend to get over myself and embrace shorts this summer and I'd like to start the healing process with these..

Amelie Boutique - Stolen Girlfriends Club, Olive Cable Knit Shorts

Amelie Boutique - Zoe Tee's, Grey Boyfriend Shorts

Pixie Market - Chain Print Shorts

Pixie Market - Gar-de, Silk Print Shorts

Pixie Market - WPQ, Paisley Shorts

- xo -

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  1. The outfits are unreal, but the hair is gorgeous

    i need to take more time embracing my hair into my outfit, lovely post

    kiss kiss! xo
    hope to hear from you


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