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H&M Jacket, BDG Crop Top, American Apparel Skirt, N.Y.L.A Platforms
"Geeky Glasses"

I wanted to share my newest "treasure" with you..
I bought this H&M jacket at the thrift store yesterday- it's practically brand spankin' new, but it has a tiny hole which I'm pretty sure is the reason it was disowned.
It can be salvaged... no biggie.

Best part- bought it for 4 bucks.

I'm loving everything about it- the fit, ruching and even the shoulder pads. They pretty much make the jacket. Without them, I don't think I'd be as stoked on it.
I'm also really loving the color - it's fresh and light and I'm finding out it goes with everything!

ps. I also picked up the glasses at a thrift shop back in the day- I never wear them because I feel silly, but they're a lot of fun.

- xo -

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